Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Solidarity to Anna - The real Soldier

Dear Readers,

I would like to express solidarity to that great human being of our times,  Shri Anna Hazare, through this platform and his movement  against corruption as well for implementation of a genuine and powerful Lokpal Bill. 

It seems the movement may turn very much positive especially  for a country like India. Our highly corrupted politicians already lost their sleep, they are under nightmare and will!!

I am bit confused on the current abusing trend by congress Govt to Hazare in personal. These are the people who honored him  with Padmashri in 1990, Padmabhushan in 1992, SHIROMANI AWARD 1996, NATIONAL INTERGRATION AWARD in 1999 and much more in  last couple of decades. And, most of the times there was a congress lead coalition Govt. How such a highly favorable person can turn not only unfavorable but an enemy within such a short period? Is there any real logic… ? We know…..

I would like to request you all to express the solidarity to his movement in the real means ... and comment please

Shabu Thachat


  1. Great .this guy is great

  2. Anna Jindabad
    Anna Jindabad
    Anna Jindabad


  3. corruption eveywhere in my beloved country...

    yesterday GTL, today everonn, tomorrow - who knows reliance , infosys or SBI??

    India need not one Anna's but 1000's of Anna's in all walks of life..

    Jai Hind
    Satya Prakash



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