Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A must read content..

Dear Readers,

I wish everyone of you have a close read, an article by Prashant Jain(HDFC-AMC), forwarded by one my friend Mahesh Pidshetti from Bangalore..

Shabu Thachat


  1. Good read Shabu. Brought some moral confidence.
    Thanks for sharing


  2. C'mon shabu write something.

    U have lost total interest in mkt now. i can see 26 & 25 artciles in 2009/10, now only 3 this year.

    wat happened, shrewd investor like buffet never loose hope on bear mkt, they become more happy when mkt tanks.

    forget ur portfolio huge losses, everyone is in big losses now. rather write something and inspire us


  3. Dear Tamal,

    Thanks for the comment..

    No write ups were there for few months, the reason is nothing related to market and purely personal.. And my portfolio is showing still about 49% upper side in total, as it contains stocks of more than some 8 years old. Sitting few calm hours in front of the system is the only issue with me and I am trying hard to change the routines, will publish a post with in next week hopefully....


  4. Shabu, your portfolio at close to 50% upperside at this juncture shows how competent investor you are..hats off to you!!

    Its great to learn from your articles and associated with you blogs




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