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Review - Previous recommendations

Dear Readers,
I wish to have a look on my previous recommendations, made through various posts. The market were even on a short term bullish trend and still hanging around the 15000 level, its interesting to measure the gain potentials of various scrips suggested during last 7 months. It is interesting too to compare the gain of these scrips with the gain of indices.
The article published on 09 February 2009, "10 Multibagger Stocks for long term investors" where I recommended 10 scrips.
The gain from approximate SEVEN months :-
1. Arshiya International
Price on 09/02/2009-72.00

2. Taneja Aerospace and Aviation (TAAL)
Price on 09/02/2009-24.25

3. Bartronics India
Price on 09/02/2009-71.00

4. Compact Disc India Ltd (CDIL)
Price on 09/02/2009-36.85

5. Electrotherm India
Price on 09/02/2009 – 92.00
CMP – 258.00

6. Moser Baer India
Price on 09/02/2009-61.85

7. Sharon Bio-Medicine
Price on 09/02/2009-26.00

8. Tube Investments of India
Price on 09/02/2009 – 29.00
CMP – 57.50
Gain - 98%

9. Value Industries
Price on 09/02/2009 – 9.20
CMP – 19.95
Gain – 117%

10. Zicom Electronic Security Systems
Price on 09/02/2009 - 71.00
CMP – 87.85
Gain- 24%

The following scrips were recommended in the article published on March 4, 2009 "Multibaggers - Part II" where I recommended 5 more scrips.
The gain from approximate SIX months :-

1. Enso Secutrack Ltd
Price on 03/03/2009 – 19.10
CMP – 18.50
Gain - -3%

2. OM Metal Infraprojects Ltd
Price on 03/03/2009 – 06.76
CMP – 25.20
Gain- 273%

3. Amararaja Batteries
Price on 03/03/2009 – 33.60
CMP – 130.75
Gain - 289%

4. Opto Circuits India
Price on 03/03/2009 – 78.45
CMP – 187.45
Gain -139%

5. Hind Dorr-Oliver
Price on 03/03/2009 – 35.25
CMP – 145.55

The following scrips were recommended in the article published on April 11, 2009, "The Penny Passion - Multibaggers Part I" where I recommended 5 more scrips.

The gain from approximate FIVE months :-
1. Western India Shipyard
Price on 10/04/2009 – 5.20
CMP – 12.28
Gain -136%

2. Evinix Accessories Ltd
Price on 10/04/2009 – 2.40
CMP – 3.56
Gain - 48%

3. Marksans Pharma Ltd
Price on 10/04/2009 – 3.56
CMP – 5.95
Gain - 67%

4. Kitex Garments Ltd
Price on 10/04/2009 – 5.04
CMP –11.21
Gain - 122%

5. Birla Cotsyn India Ltd
Price on 10/04/2009 – 3.86
CMP – 6.79
Gain -76%

The following scrips were recommended in the article published on April 28, 2009 "Alternate Energy Sector - The Solar Swear " where I recommended 3 scrips, but the Moserbaer already mentioned here.

The gain from approximate FOUR months :-
1. Webel SL Energy Systems Ltd
Price on 28/04/2009 – 114.95
CMP – 324.95
Gain - 182%

2. XL Telecom & Energy Ltd
Price on 28/04/2009 – 37.25
CMP – 55.20
Gain - 48%

The CMP shown above is of previous week's. Most of these scrips are touched their 52 week high between the period and keep fluctuating with the indices, means the actual gain is greater in most of the cases compare to what I mentioned above.

The purpose of this post is not to make any claim on my recommendations or to establish any expertise, but it is a self evaluation attempt which I wish to share with my valueable readers as well with my clients. A few of them made good money by investing on the right time especially in the following scrips.
Hind-Dorr Oliver (>300%)
Amara Raja Batteries (>250%)
Om Metal Infra (>250%)
Electrothem India (>200%)
Webel SL Energy (>200%)
Value Industries(>120%)
Sharon Bio Medicine (>185%)
Kitex Garments (>125%)
Western India Shipyard(>150%)
I would not like to name the people, but hope they will do it in the comment sessions as their own. I also would like to thank all of them who disclosed the profit figures they made on certain recommendations plus who shared a little part of their gain with me as theirown.
I also wish to mention about the "Enso Secutrack", which made slight lose to few readers. I am still confident on its prospects in a long term view, but enquiring the reasons of underperformance. Readers are requested to comment whether negative or positive.
I am not responsible for your investment decisions , do your on research before make any investment decisions.
Shabu Thachat -


  1. Shabu Sir,

    You are very smart in picking best sector stock and from those returns one could understand your hard work and determination to your dream. I made good sum in Amaraja Stock [still holding] and i am inspired by your Imagaination in your post :

    "I am dreaming about 2, 3 and 4 wheelers including low floor buses of our state RTCs running on electricity, will rule the roads in coming 7-10 years. If it happens, you will see the hi-tech BATTERY HUBS for recharging/replacing the batteries at every nook and corner. Amara Raja “PitStops” will definitely be there with its advanced technology power boxes. Just imagine that you are holding a Smart Card of AMRB and can recharge/replace the battery of your electric 2/3 or 4 wheelers at anywhere through out your journey.".

    That "PitStop" made me crazy to buy stock. I liked that imagination and that is how one should invest in stock. People Who took serious about your research made good money. One thing i learned from your pick is that one should have to wait for longer term in order to get more then 400-500% return and one should buy in large volumes. One Could Take Advantage of your New Service. Thank you so much for your Splendid pick's :). Hope you will continue to post knowledgeable article on this blog. Happy Investing :).

  2. Dear Shabu,

    I must say that this blog truly caters to the 'Emerging' universe of the equity markets.

    I have not come across as any other blog which is as dedicated to 'Multibaggars' as this blog.

    It is like a 'Mining' activity done by an equity analyst to dig-in
    to find a sparkling jewel.

  3. Thank you very much Mahesh & Viral,

    I am really thrilled after reading your encouraging comments. Such comments provide ecstasy as well the real energy to search more in this row.


    Amararaja is still a great pick, I am sure that the elctric vehicles have to rule our roads in future. Thanks for revealing your gains unlike the majority, which I take as another appreciation to my effort.

    Thanks again

  4. Sir,
    The stocks recommended by most of the experts in last few months have given good returns. But the difference is as you recommend stocks based on future growth estimates, your stocks are likely to give more returns in long term. Fundamental analysis is better than technical analysis. But the people who trade or invest after doing fundamental analysis are the people who make bigger loss. Most of the investors who do fundamental analysis buy or sell stocks when news or result is out. News and results are factored in before we hear it.

    Stock cycle

    Experts like you buy a stock when it is under valued. Insiders will buy the stock when they hear some good news. When insiders buy in huge quantity, there will be positive break out in the stock. When there is positive break out, technical experts will buy the stock. When company announce the news, people who do fundamental analysis will buy the stock. At that time insiders and experts will dump the stock.

  5. the index and the index stocks it self has given a return of over 100% from march april lowas and many of the blue chips (like LT) had given return of over 200%) or uintech(400%).
    according to sebi many of the midcaps had given return of over 200%. after the march or april or feb lows.
    but i see most of ur reccomendations hovering returns of just a 100-150% except a few even when the index has given return of 100%.

    do you really think ur reccomendations are multibaggers.....

  6. Dear James,

    Thanks for the comprehensive comment and I accepts the cycle and its true.


  7. Dear Anonymous,

    No, I am not thinking like. My recommendations are not multibaggers in the way u understands, or will mature in a span of 6-7 months.

    Hope you read the post full, where I mentined the following lines too, as its just a half yearly performance review.

    " The purpose of this post is not to make any claim on my recommendations or to establish any expertise, but it is a self evaluation attempt which I wish to share with my valueable readers as well with my clients"

    Please try to comment with a face whether it is negative or positive, where I will try to answer in detail. The language seems very familiar.

  8. Dear Shabu,

    I have been reading your blog from the day you started blogging, I would say you have excellent talent in picking hidden gems in stock markets. Working your way through such companies is most difficult task as their is lack of information for this companies and their management due to their small size.

    I would say the performance of your stocks is simply superb and hope that we will see same performance in coming days good luck and thanks for your excellent work.


  9. Dear Anonymous,

    I would say first of all you should comment using ur face rather than just poking like a fool and also I would say you are right index has given more than 100% returns. I would say have you selected 20 stocks and were you able to get consistent performance for overall stocks.

    the consistency in Shabu's Picks show his hard research and original thinking. so better first you come up with ur name and then commnet.


    I would request you to keep anonymous comments out of the section

  10. Dear Mohit,

    Thank u for the worthy comments!. Comments with such inspirational motives makes be more liable to my readers and I will try my best to bring more in this line.

    The Market...Crores of investors, lakhs of experts, thousands of brokers, between, I am also trying to produce what my sense says.

    I take the negatives in same spirit too, which make me more cautious in other way....

    But, as you said... with the real face...

    regards and happy investing

  11. Hi Shabu Sir,

    I started reading ur blog from yesterday, and i'm disappointed that i didnt see ur blog long back.Ur postings and recommendations are really nice and i'm very much impressed in it. Please add some more penny stocks which u think as multibagger at this stage.

    Thanks for all your effort.

  12. Dear Mr Parthasarathy,

    Thank you for the comments. Please refer the post regarding recommendations or mail at

  13. Glad to see this information.its very useful for everyone.thanks for sharing this post



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