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Multibaggers – On the way

Dear Readers,

Thanking you all for the active and thought through support to this blog since it’s inception. Today, I wish to review on some of my previous stock suggestions or in other words, wish to remind about the track of these apparent multibagger candidates.

Please have a (re)look at the following links, where I have quoted few fundamental aspects on the said companies and some positive stances from my angle. Hope, readers too will evaluate the contents, moreover weigh up the status of returns compare to indices between the see-saw episodes of recent past. These stocks were recommended at much lower levels to my clients before publishing the respective articles.

1. Hanung Toys

Date of Post – 15 November 2009

Price(13 Nov 2009) – 115.45

CMP(05 Nov 2010) – 362.60

Date of post – 10 January 2010

Price (08 Jan 2010) – 52.55

CMP(05 Nov 2010) – 101.35

Date of Post - 14 April 2010

Price (13 Apr 2010) -153.65

CMP (05 Nov 2010) – 565.85

52 Wk High – 584.00


The lesson

Domination in any business is a genuine factor to weigh with an investor’s point of view, especially in listed entities. As you know, increased number of players in any industry or a tight competition in business can not furnish remarkable returns, even if we hold the best ones in the industry. Moreover, selecting such scrips to invest is not a wise decision in the current scenario. Limited number of players who provide quality products/services must grow with a peerless pace and I always keep this point at the top while selecting scrips to invest. Shortly, the company, on which we are making mind to invest, must have some special characteristics compares to others or some peculiarities its own. Hanung, Manjushree & Parekh all are enjoying the same unconventional uniqueness in them.


I wished to publish a post again in this row as an ONAM gift to my readers by mid August, but deferred cause of busy schedules. By the meantime, the stock made an unusual jump and I feel the current valuation is bit higher. Any way, I will publish it shortly for my valuable readers. The company we are going to discuss is again a clean conviction and I am convinced with own parameters. Moreover, we can put this company too in the same basket of above trio.

I hope to see the views of my readers/clients in comment session who all are holding these stocks, because I will be happy to know that, `you are still holding’.
Shabu Thachat -


  1. Hi Shabu... another nice post....I keep checking your blog every sunday for new posts....Though I missed out on Hanung, I am still holding parekh and manjushree....thanks a lot for your posts....

  2. Sir,
    You are right. The fourth company can also be put in same basket. The main advantage to follow you is you invest in honest ways. Follow bloggers who make money in dishonest ways may cause trouble in future.

  3. Dear Jagadeesh & James

    Thanks for the inspiring comment.


    Actually, purpose of this blog is to help out/educate interested community on market related subjects. Any way, I am happy! Few people are making good money, whether they appreciate the effort or not.


  4. Thank you Sir for all the great recommendations..!!

    I made decent money in Hanung Toys but sold it as i was unable to control eagerness to hold for longterm ( i am now controlling that weakness of mine :)).. also your value industries reco i am still holding, hope to hold for longer duration :)


  5. Dear Venkat..

    Thanks and keep reading.....


  6. Hello Shabu,

    I missed on Hanung Toys and Manjusree, but holding Parekh tightly. Thanks for your invaluable guidance. I follow few number of blogs, but I eagerly wait for new post.


  7. A small correction,I meant to say...
    "I follow few blogs, but I eagerly wait for new posts on your blog."

  8. Hi Shabu,

    I got Research Reports of Hanung Toys and Parekh from different equity research companies, but i got convinced with your detailed Analysis.

    I made good money in Hanung and Parekh. but i couldn't able to hold for long time.

    Thanks for your Detailed Analysis.

    Mohan R



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