Sunday, December 20, 2009

Magic stocks - Part II

Dear Readers,

I have discussed about a master file in one of my previous posts which I am preserve for short term/intraday decision making, spot multibaggers as well as for monitoring the growth trends of scrips. I wish to share some interesting facts on certain scrips during this month or from just 14 sessions of the market (BSE), from December 01 to 18. Please refer my previous post in this connection in the following link, where you will get how this file helps for short term gains.

Interesting facts

These findings are amazing in the wake of time frame, all these happened in just 14 market sessions, where hardly any noteworthy events reported related to market/economy.

a) 300 stocks earned more than 20%

b) 43 Stocks earned more than 50%.

c) 25 stocks earned more than 60%

d) 10 stocks earned more than 70%

e) 5 stocks earned more than 80%

f) 2 stocks earned more than 90%

1. BSE Code 500356, Rama Newsprint & Paper Ltd standing at the top with a gain of 95.93%.

Price on 30 Nov 2009 – 20.90
Price on 18 Dec 2009 - 40.95

2. 531396, Women Networks Ltd grabbed a 92.91% stands second. The stock never saw a decline in last 14 sessions and continuously on UC of an average of .46 paise/day! (Incredible!, how these Women looks like?)

Price on 30 Nov 2009 – 6.91
Price on 18 Dec 2009 - 13.33

3. Penny stock, 531456, Minaxi Textiles at third with a 83.78%
Price on 30 Nov 2009 – 0.74
Price on 18 Dec 2009 - 1.36
4. In the known category, the railway stock Kernex Micro Systems grabbed a 64.55% and standing at 18th

Price on 30 Nov 2009 – 81.35
Price on 18 Dec 2009 - 133.70

Please have a look at the image, where I placed the list of top 25. On the negative side, most of the scrips showing heavy lose in prices, were undergone split/bonus issues. Few of them considerably bottomed due to reasons yet to unearth, but as of now, in cheap valuation.

Have a look and comment.

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