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Review - Year 2009

Dear Readers,

One of the action-packed and historic calendar year in terms of market is going to end. The year has provided mixed postures of both pain and pleasure to the investors. We witnessed the painful lows and on the other side, pleasing recuperations like a phoenix. In my view, the first and foremost positive outcome of Year 2009 is, it brought back the faith on market to the investor community. The year 09 also established the dominance of equity investment once again, and above all it has brighten up the apparent phenomenon, the unbeatable ‘Indian growth story’. In addition, the year has shown utmost kindness to thousands of investors who trapped in the market at the peak of 20-21 thousand levels (2007-08), recouped more than half of their lose.

I would like to look back through the year, in association with this blog and my Portfolio Advisory Services. I can say with sheer satisfaction that, 90% of my recommendations keeping far ahead compares to the percentage gain on indices. And some of them performed even beyond my expectations. This post is dedicated to my esteemed clients who kept utmost trust on me in the most testing time. I wish to discuss on few of my earlier recommendations which turned to real multibaggers. These stocks rewarded fabulous gains to me as well as to my certain clients in the year 2009.

Here, I have included the stocks which performed extremely well or which demonstrated the real Multibagger perception in a very short span of time. I would like to underline that, these stocks are not only performed vigorously in the line of their business but also not involved in any unauthentic means to establish their multibagger membership. Shortly, these stocks are genuine in all respects with in my awareness and I am still keeping a strong zeal on their tremendous growth potentials in the long run.

The following data is not exaggerated in any way and it is the true history with this blog. These recommendations were published on 04 March & 11 April 2009 respectively in this blog and has recommended to certain clients prior. I have placed the link below for a review as well as added the build up value of Rs. 10000/- for an easy get.

Om Metal Infraprojects

Price on 03/03/2009 - Rs. 6.76
Recommended buy range - Rs. 5.00 - 8.00
52 Week high(Oct 2009) - Rs. 37.50
Return % - 455%
Build up value of Rs. 10000/ - Rs. 55500/-

Amara Raja Batteries

Price on 03/03/2009 - Rs. 33.60
Recommended buy range - Rs. 30.00 – 35.00
52 Week high (Nov 2009) - Rs. 182.50
Return % - 443%
Build up value of Rs. 10000/-
Rs. 54300/-

Hind Dorr Oliver

Price on 03/03/2009 - Rs. 35.25
Recommended buy range - Rs. 20.00 – 30.00
52 Week high (Aug 2009) - Rs. 177.90
Return % - 405%
Build upValue of Rs. 10000/- - Rs. 50500/-

Kitex Garments

Price on 10/04/2009 - Rs. 05.04
Recommended buy range - Rs. 03.00 – 05.00
52 Week high (Dec 2009) - Rs. 29.00
Return % at 52Wk High - 475%
Build up value of Rs. 10000/- -
Rs. 57500/-

Portfolio Advisory Services

The service I made public through this blog on 08 August 2009. Till that time, I was running this for few buddies in my locale only. Again, I have got, and continuously getting tremendous response from all kind of investors. The leading numbers of my clients are in the category of inexperienced youngsters. The next higher numbers comes from the category of to be pensioners who have little time ahead to left their pay packets. NRIs positioned at third, and interestingly, house wives are positioned at fourth, mostly from metros/cosmopolitans. Fifthly, people I mentioned earlier who lost their big part of money invested at the peak levels. Then comes the middle aged, but fresh to market, retired people etc… I am planning to publish a special post in this row, but in leisure.

Some of these Portfolios are well maintained, scrips selected with extreme caution, but the majority is filled with junk shares. I usually asks clients, `Is there any particular reason behind this selection of stock X?. Majority of them have not clear answer or some of them even unaware about the business company involved, but they bought shares!!

Let me conclude.., Investment simply means put your money to earn more. It will help you to meet your certain fiscal goals. It may be for buying or building a house as your own, for marriage of your daughter, paying your kid’s education, for a tension free or comfortable retirement life, for a farsighted savings for your coming generations or whatever important to you. It is not mandatory that you have to be rich to be an investor. Investing even a small sum can build significant rewards over the long-term. An instant example with us, is the Kitex story itself. But it is important that to have to reach in a solid decision about how much you want to invest, where, how and when?. To choose wisely, you need to gain wisdom(the real power) on the entire investment spectrum, rules and logics of the game you are going to play, and above all, their relative risk exposures.

Few words to NRIs

I am monitoring the increasing number of hits to this site from NRIs, which is the muse behind following words. Here, let me place the appealing truth, our own motherland, India is comes under the top five economies in the world in terms of market potentials. Don't see it as a casual news which you read everyday in news papers! The news is nothing new, but I am assuring you, things are going in that way...As of now, we are positioned far ahead of developed countries like UK, France and Italy. Can you imagine that, we are ahead of UK who has ruled us ruthlessly for some 200 years?. Yes, I mean it!!, our growth have no limits. We are still in a nascent stage.. I am seriously dreaming a day, where the whites will work in our farms!, Oil riched Gulf people will serve our industries..People all over the world will shift from the products like Gillete to Godgrej or Emami...but largely depends on our politicians... We have been graded as the 3rd biggest economy in Asia in terms of GDP. I have placed a link of Wiki, where you can find our position in the list, as where we stand. Check serial numbers, 16, 28, 41, 49, 51, 69, 81, 102, 104, 110, 124, 140, 152, 155, 168, 172, 173, 177, 188, 192, 193 ,206 & 209.

Have a look on our position in the list and find where the established giants are standing. All these make investment in India is a most positive option for you. The Indian market proposes a great potential for the investors as the echelons of power of purchasing is improving day by day. In order to accomplish gains from investment in India, it is imperative that you should not think on any short-term goals; as any fiscal gains could only be accumulate from absolute patience.

Thats all for now and comment please....

Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous New year in advance..

Shabu Thachat




  1. Sir,

    Nice to see stocks from our state like kitex going up. I still have confidence that under performing stocks like marksans pharma will start showing strength in future.


  2. Dear James,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes Marksans' time is yet to come.
    Shabu Thachat

  3. Dear Shabu,

    Being an NRI myself, incidentally your DREAM was my dream too. I mean to say Whites and Mid-easterns migration! Earlier when i say this to my friends and colleagues, they appreciate my sense of humour rather than the reality.I can see the political transformations in India now. Though it might be a gradual process, it can/will happen.

    HAving said that, I extremely appreciate your hard work and research in identifying TRUE MUTLIBAGGERs. Can you enlighten why a few of them like ENSO SECUTRACK, MARKSANS etc.. still lagging behind..OR when they will show some strength?


  4. Dear Arul,

    Thanks a lot for the comment, and glad to know that you too thinking on the way. A reformation is guaranteed to each and every established routine in this orb. It is the only and inexorable truth exists. So hope, it will come on our way of thoghts.

    About the scrips, I am still keeping my hopes alive on Enso Secutrak and Marksans Pharma. As you know, Multibaggers always not happen in short span of time. Giving sufficient time to the management is mandatory, especially in case of penny scrips.

    Enso is involved in Solar energy business. I think, the vibrant solar age is gradually heating up in our country. I am not neglecting the competition and established players in the field. And the other one, Marksans Pharma is of Glenmark guy Mark Saldanha where I still have a hope.

    Bye the time, It is not possible to claim any assurance on returns from penny stocks as they are the most insecure category of equities. But in case of returns, the patience is sweeten and similar from reaps of big trees compare to small ones.



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