Sunday, November 21, 2010

How the crash worked?

Dear Readers,

Sensex crashed 1419.52 points (6.76%) from its ever high from 21004.96 on 05 November 2010 to 19585.44 by 19 November 2010. We can expect few more in this series, adding fuel by the ongoing issues related to 2G Spectrum and further its political consequences. However, I would like to place few interesting statistics for readers from my master file happened in past 9 market sessions.

You can find stocks gained or lost more than 20% during the past 9 market session at following link.

Comment please....

Shabu Thachat


  1. How did this happen! Is it because of manipulation that there are so much difference between stocks? Or is it because quality stocks are growing a lot in just 1 week!!!

  2. Sir,
    According to me, if we trade or invest according to the trend then we should also check who are buying and selling also. Few days ago when one of my stock Marksans Pharma went up 20% with huge volume, I thought there will be turnaround in that company like its parent/brother company. But when I checked bulk deal I found that same fund brought and sold stock at same rate. Next day stock started falling down before company announced bad result. Also when market is trading higher we should not aggressively trade or invest.

  3. Shabu Sir, As you have rightly pointed as per your master file that, Sensex & Nifty doesnt represent the overall sentiment ,but yes may be a majority of sentiment.So even in crash we can find those scrips gaining and going against wind all time.

    But i feel its a super difficult task to make money all the time in good and bad times in mkts.

    I feel you can give a better advice to us as you have worked around with trading techniques with master file help.


  4. Madan,

    Thanks for the comments. The first reason you quoted is looks nearest to the truth. But sometimes certain positive news
    ( works in the line.


    Thanks for the alerting comment and sharing the experience.


    Thanks, I have mentioned the way I adopt for short term gains in the above link.


  5. Sir,

    Are you tracking BALAJITELE? Ekta Kapoor is accumulating this stock. The standalone result is bad but consolidated result will be good as their latest movie is hit. Also they have huge assets and the company is debt free. Also some legal problem was solved in court recently in favor of the company.

  6. Dear All,

    Its scam session in india. Make this opportunity to accumulate.




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