Thursday, May 13, 2010


Dear readers,

Congrats to all those who secured their positions on some recent recommendations. I have placed few links below for a review and it is interesting in muse returns of indices during the period while evaluates the performance of these scrips.

I would also like to thank all of them who mailed as well commented, placed a couple of mail screenshots of one of the unknown but gratified readers.

I am accepting his blessings with a full heart with hundreds of others. I values every such blessings/appreciations as a common man and hope all these will serve better my ways ahead. I also wish to appreciate the sheer trust he has shown as well the daring nature to putting his whole money in such an excellent scrip. I am so happy that some of us are benefiting by the blog, moreover the efforts are not in vain.

Thanks & regards

Shabu Thachat



  1. Shabu, your guidance in stock picking is amazing. I entered Parekh at Rs.148 on your recommendation and am sitting on more than 100% profit right now.

    Madan N

  2. Looks like you made some great recommendations

  3. Sir,

    We all made money through your recommendations. But Nitin is more lucky as he invested whole money in single stock. But according to me it is not good to invest more than 10% money in single stock. The main advantage of investing in mid cap and small cap stocks over large cap is diversification, buy in sip and booking partial profits at higher levels. I hope to see an article about diversified and concentrated portfolio by you in future. Big investors like Buffet can maintain concentrated portfolio because they have access to insider news. When when we here these news, the stock will be in over sold state. So my point is if we can make good amount of money through diversified portfolio why should we take extra risk.

  4. Madan,

    Thanks for the inspiring comment.


    Thank you too. I am agree, that diversification is the best tool of precaution, but in our case, I am appreciating the confidence shown by Nitin with a wholehearted trust to my words, and in it's real depth... moreover he is a guy with more than 14 years of experience in the market.

    I will surely work on a post on the subject you specified.. thanks again

  5. Sir,

    Thank you for recommendation because of which i also made money invested was Rs 20,000. :)

    But out of curiosity to learn things i just want to know , how you timed it so well just before these Mammoth move..i just tried to google it out some news which cud have made this...there was some news that promoters where buying in bulk but i am not sure whether it is true or not..? and basically in general which news turn so bullish on some specific stocks like Parekh Aluminx recently when there was market beating on other side.

    Thank you

  6. Dear Venkat,

    The recent move of this scrip is not made any surprise to me and I expect the real rythm ahead, but with a bit patience only. It was just a warming up and was a try to catch it's own actual level in compatible with the technicals.



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