Monday, November 23, 2009

Worthy reading - Part - I

Dear readers,

I have recommended considerable number of stocks through this blog to my readers. Today, I wish to recommend bit more beneficial support in the nature. It is a casual converse where I wish to introduce few best blogs/sites/links to my readers. I was in thought of such a post since few months, but I decided to do it right now, in response of certain queries from one my reader. The intention is clear, that I wish everyone have a close read to the following rich links who desires to approach the market in a legitimate way. I respects these people (blog owners) on the basis of their knowledge, experience and fidelity rather their degrees. I wish to appreciate the other side too, the generous effort to help the investing community without any fiscal anticipation.

It is a blog of Mr. Yogesh Chabria. I consider him as an outstanding personality in the segment and totally different from the crowd. I like the manner of his presentations which injects verves in your nerves.(I felt so…) He is one of the rare cerebrals I respects in the multitude of market experts . I don’t think I am proficient to rule out any of his posts. Find time to make a read to his entire posts or try in leisure. You will surely feel bit different.

Blog of Mr Kumaran Seenivasan, A true professional in the segment and I am following since the blog’s inception. I would not like to extol more about his articles considering the scope of misinterpretation of my intentions, but wish my readers must have a staid look to the following praiseworthy links.

How to select best stocks

When to buy a stock

When to sell a stock

Calculation of indices

Cash flow statement analysis

Balance sheet analysis

Buy & Hold strategy

Beating the Market

Multibagger concept

A lot more are there, but I am selective to assemble the basic but significant concepts to freshers. I have to introduce few more blogs in this row, but next time.

Knowledge is power…
Shabu Thachat -


  1. I am also a great follower of my Shri Yogesh Chabria whose words are not just full of wisdom for the stock market investing but also on life. Good to know our guru's Happionaire way of life is spreading so fast.

    ramesh agarwal

  2. Dear Ramesh,

    Thank you for the comment. I wish to place a quote of Great Chanakya in response.... "The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind, But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions"


  3. Dear Shabu,

    Thanks a lot for giving links. Hope you will add few more to it.

    I like the following sites, and am providing it for all the readers:
    1. - A very serious blogger always gives you very detailed analysis. If you want to track economy, this is the best blog for you.
    2. - Though the name looks like its going to give stock tips, it is not. It is a pure value oriented site with amazing information.
    3. - An amazing site to learn about legends like Buffett, Graham, RJ, etc. High quality information they provide excite me a lot.

    Madan Kumar Rajan

  4. Thank you Shabu for listing out the top blog's you follow.. I am keen follower of your's and Kumaran Blog's.

    Kumaran Blog - Very Easy & Effective reading... I like the way he discuss on each topic as he has practical example on each topic/sub topic.

    Need to check out the Yogesh's Blog from now on ..;)



  5. Thank you Madan & Venkat for inspiring comments.

    Thanks for introducing few more links. I will check them in leisure.

    regards Shabu

  6. Great quote from Chanakya, Shabu. Goodness of sharing always spreads smiles. Will check out the other blogs shared also besides Shri Yogesh Chabria's.

    ramesh agarwal

  7. Shabu,

    Thanks for sharing those posts. I appreciate that.


  8. Kumaran,

    Thank you... People really likes the way you writes."avant-garde". But I feel the real gems are not yet penned down by you... It is yet to come out...keep writing.... I am getting personal emails thanking for introducing such precious links...

    Shabu Thachat



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