Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A committed text... even delayed..


Again... don't have to write much.. but thought to fulfill an offered commitment even delayed... someway, myself try to become habitual to sit and write something at this platform...

A post on  Manjushree Technopack Ltd at following link published on 10 January 2010 explaining my views on the company and it's potentials in my view points..

I wished and promised to talk again about this company after 3 years from the date of that post, and even mentioned that at the bottom of  page.. but not happened ... sorry ...its almost 5 years gone..

I request my readers to have a close read on the text under following link  again ... and please read  the then comments too...Now I feels.. no need to say anything more on this scrip.. almost 50 to 500.. and I am missing those few guys like  Mahesh, Madan , James, Jagdeesh etc.. who were active at the comment space with encouraging texts..


Warm regards


  1. I had good quantity off this few years back. But lack of knowledge of the company, i could not able to reap the actual gain...

  2. Please continue your posts Shabu ji.



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