Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alert on Parekh

Dear Readers,

Please refer the SEBI order at following link and have a full read with patience, Its informative.

SEBI has banned promoters and promoters group of certain companies on further buy/sell in their own companies cause of some violations of rules/regulations noticed. The name of the companies revealed in the above order is nothing related to us, but name of one entity who is under suspicion, Pacific Corporate Services Ltd has considerable stake in Parekh Aluminex. (Check the following link)

Parekh Aluminex has already crashed by almost 20% (LC) on yesterday (03 December 2010) by when the news spread and I hope the blind sentiment may bring down the stock bit more. There is nothing fundamentally changed with the company/stock/business but there is a chance of possible illegal trades might have revealed in the future on Parekh Aluminex too by Sanjay Dangi group or Pacific people.

I hope its better to exit from Parekh Aluminex, whether lose or profit. Another possible strategy can be take out the Capital or Profit which ever is greater. The stock is fundamentally strong and we can think a re-entry at lower levels once the issues settled.

Check the following link too on revealed insiders...


Shabu Thachat –



  1. Thanks Sir for your advice...

    Sir, Can Negative sentiment can take this below to 300 also ..what you feel?

  2. Dear Venkat,

    Its unpredictable, how the emotion works in coming days.

  3. Dear Shabu,
    i have been tracking your blog since few months. I must say very gud vision and true advice is helpful all the blog readers.

    There were some operator operations in markets due to which stocks like welspun also DIp more then 20% and no dought as soon as negative sentiments will shed stocks will come back to there prices better consider this as buying opportunity.

    Very few people or blogs give there genuin view the way you described.Keep on sharing your valueable knowledge


  4. Sir,

    Now a days manipulation is done mainly in good stocks which are posting good results and news. So booking partial profits at higher levels are important .

  5. Sir,

    Smartly recommended to Sell this counter immediately.!!
    It seems its nose diving for much lower valuation..
    A good opportunity seems ahead to add this Gem at low price :)


  6. Sir,

    The stock seems to be stabilizing today. Do you think we should commence buying now?



  7. Really good work. Keep it up...



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