Thursday, April 8, 2010

New fiscal

Dear Readers,

One of the remarkable fiscal year in terms of Indian equity markets has been expired. Indices are climbing with frequent respites but in a steady manner, hopefully to meet or materialize the so called Indian growth story. Most of the investors (not Traders) made easy single or double fold gains in the last year but interestingly, few smart people made 3-6 fold gains during the period. A rethink or review is worthy at this point of time, by checking your own status. Where you are standing?

I wish to recall few of my previous articles in this blog in conjunction with the market movements. Please check the timestamp of posts and try to recall the then market conditions.

Please find time for a read as I hope these lines may help you bit in the way of logical investment. When look back, I am feeling quiet comfortable with my clients who dared to invest in suggested scrips in the beginning of last fiscal year, who kept sheer reliance on me and moreover stayed willful in the midst of highly provoking conditions.

As usual, I wish to welcome this new fiscal with an impressive stock for my known and unknown readers. It is one of my favorite companies and I have already been suggested this scrip to certain clients prior, but wish everyone of you have this scrip who believes in Value Investing.

The product range of this company is basically comes under the packaging industry, raw materials and products are of Aluminium and consumption part is more like FMCG. Whatever the sector, I know this stock is going to be the darling of all of us or a real multibagger in very near future. I am working on the said article to provide enough details and will place it here as earliest.


Shabu Thachat (


  1. Sir,

    I know many bloggers and analysts who spend more time thinking about past than about future. They trap new investors by saying that they made huge money by investing whole money in single stock near all time low price and selling near all time high. But you are claiming only what you had actually done. The links provided by you are evidence for that. We are lucky to have successful investor like you to guide us.


  2. Dear James,

    Thanks for such a highly motivational comment. These lines are one of the real depiction of frequent mails from my clients, who hesitates to comment in blog session but mails.

    Thanks a lot.....


  3. Hi Shabu,
    I am eagerly waiting to see the article....this is one of the first sites I open every week to see if you have any new articles posted.....all your articles are very easy to understand and lets you think interms of the business compare to other sites and blogs who go by technical numbers which is very hard to digest. Thanks for posting such good posts.

  4. Thank you Jagadeesh for such an inspirational comment...



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