Sunday, February 28, 2010


Dear Readers,

Wish to share a touching as well as pleasant history in the course of my Portfolio Advisory Services.

One of my clients, Mr Mohit Singhania (26) has compelled to sell out his entire holdings behind a superior humankind motive. I am privileged as I have such a true human being as my client or is still hard to believe, people like him are exists in this self-seeking world. He blanked his entire Portfolio for the purpose of treatment of his friend’s daughter who is a victim of Blood Cancer. I am praying for the child and hope you too..

A few history..
Mohit joined in the Portfolio Advisory Services in the month of August 2009 with an existing holdings of around 16000/-(3 stocks). He gradually accumulated the recommended stocks in a disciplined manner with his own affordable funds.

Without much preface, I would like to place a couple of screenshots of our mail conversations with his permission.

Please don't take it as a self praising effort.. but I wish to make this space useful for every kind of investors especially youngsters with limited funds.
Comment please...
Shabu Thachat


  1. Mohit You are truly generous person and very very rare to get ppl like you and i am sure god will give you many multibagger thru shabu sir ;) as there is one saying: "If you give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you", you will surely feel the second half of that saying :) in the coming days.

    God Bless to your Buddy Daughter. We pray the god to recuperate here asap and see happy faces :).

    Shabu sir is 4 Quadrant Gentleman : He Educate, He Helps, He Advise and He let other to make money. People are fortunate to get this type of gentleman (a true multibagger ;)).

  2. Dear Mohit,

    I am sure she will return to normal life very soon. I haven't seen any true friend like you in my entire life.

  3. Shabu Sir..truly a wonderful inspiration regarding Mohit's inspires me to do something to needy one with whatever I gain from my luck or whatever...:)

    "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."


  4. Thank you Friends I would like to Inform you that she is showing good signs of improvement and also It was not only me but also Some Donors from CRY helped for this cause.

    I would encourage people to at least donate some amount to this wonderful organisation as I personally have seen their good work and can guarantee you that your funds would not go in any scam people.


    Thanks for your guidance and to everyone here and anyone he is a great thinker and would guide you on any small amount of investment you have. Thanks


  5. Sir,
    What is your view on Zicom's sale of security business. The amount is high compared to current market cap. But I wished to get big returns in long term than quick returns in short term because I am bullish on this sector and their debt is not huge. But I wish Enso to sell some business as their financial position is not good.

  6. Mohit,
    My heartiest appreciations to you. I always think about such gestures but hesitate for scams like you pointed out. Definitly i would be doing as and whenever i can via CRY. Also please let me know if i can be of any help. You can get my emailid from Shabu.


  7. Dear James,

    Zicom is a good player and showing continous growth in the segment. But I got to know from few sources that frequent complaints in their products. I hope they will overcome all these issues and will do better in the coming years. The sector is getting more importance day by day cause of increasing security conciousness of the public in the wake of terror activities..

  8. Dear Arul,

    Thanks... I will give your details to Mohit..



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