Friday, July 17, 2009

Dream Journey

First of all, I am sorry for not posting articles by last few weeks. I was busy with some official assignments as well as setting up a Portfolio Advisory Service as my own. I got several enquiries during this period asking new posts and recommendations, but could not fulfill the same.

There were almost 70 stocks I mentioned through out this blog till the date . An average gain of more than 135% made by these stocks compared to the Sensex 85% from their recommended prices. Thanks for all those readers who invested and experienced considerable gain from the recent rallies, especially to those who expressed their gratitude by Phone or via mail.

I am keep doing my own research and exercises, searching good stocks as well as future multibaggers to invest and maintaining my portfolio as well as some of my client investor’s to their best satisfaction. Let me describe about my Portfolio Advisory Service and a bit of motive behind it.

Its important to have an ambition (dream) in the life. Ambition is a necessity for success in the life. May be ambition drives some mad, but it helps some to achieve success in their goals or rather ambition helps one to achieve perfection in life up to an extent. Ambition is the driving force in life. Basically it is the product of mind, the outcome of the multiplication of one’s desires. It is something imaginary and is concerned with his or her future.

Ambition is something what we dream of to achieve in the future, a time which is yet to come. It sets a goal to be reached or a target to be achieved at. What a person is ‘Today’; and what he or she wants to be ‘Tomorrow’, is in fact the Ambition. This is the journey of desires which starts from “Today” and aims at to reach “Tomorrow”. The question then arises, how one has to go, how far to go, how fast to go, where has to make a turn, where has to make certain stops etc… with all the possessions and means available with him. It is the “desire” which turns into “Dream”, compelling someone to be in action.

The rationale of above lengthy preface is, “I have such a dream !”. I am working on that by last few years. The dream is nothing else; wish to be a Billionaire. (a dream). I have my own reasons for setting this target time frame. There is lot of example ahead of us. The legend Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who started his career with $100 in 1985. I am not underestimating the value of Rs. 5000 in the year 1985, but any way, It was less than Rs. 5000.

[[He started his career with $100 in 1985 when the BSE Sensex was at 150. He made his first big profit of Rs 0.5 million in 1986 when he sold 5,000 shares of Tata Tea at a price of Rs 143 which he had purchased for Rs 43 a share just 3 months prior. He made his first million in an iron ore mining company Sesa Goa whose shares he bought at Rs 27 and sold at Rs 1,400]]

Source -

Incredible! Is’nt it ? I am very much encouraged by his success story as well some others’ in this row. It was definitely not the luck only. It was the sheer hard work brought them at this point. It is not a matter how much money you have to invest. The matter is you are keeping such a burning desire within you or your started dreaming. It’s good enough that having a dream, better you are keeping alive it and best to work for it.

So I am working hard on it.

I am confident on my mission to identify undervalued stocks which can be multibaggers in the long run.

I am anxious to dream where technology will bring us in future and by which we benefits.

I am am eager to learn the fast changing passionate trends of our youth in every sectors/fields.

I strongly believe in the following great quote:-

A Dream is not that you see while sleeping.A Dream is that which not let you sleep until its worked out.

I have such a dream, and it is not letting me sleep virtually. Do you?

"A BILLION" its a lot, I least care the bigness, I am working on that, I know that, its not easy to reach, but according to me, this vision keeps me active everyday...I have to do it, I am ready to sacrifiece some my likes for that... shortly... no way back!



  1. Shabu Sir,

    Best of Luck for your Audacious Dream.

    Hope to see new analysis regularly on this blog

    Thank you.:)

  2. Hello Shabu,

    Nice to know your ambition and goals in life. It is equally heart warming to see you start your own advisory services. Hope it kicks off with a pleasant and successful start.


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  4. Shabu, i hope u still chasing your dream..?

    Looking at number of posts this year, i suspect you have given up ur dream?


  5. Shabu, pls reply to my query, are you still chasing you dream?

    I have been ardent follower of your blog's including this dream run, i have also aggressive targets, from 10 lakhs , i want to create 50 lakhs wealth over 8 yrs time(22% return annual).

    Shabu, wats your target with respect to avg. annual returns for this dream run.


  6. Shabu, i m very much dishearted because u r silent. Silence is speaking 1000 words that you have given up your dream chase. :-( disappointing indeed

    Experts like you who have wealth of knowledge this field has given up there dream - this is a bad news for people like me , who have no knowledge like you but thinking big time to make good fortune in this field.


  7. Dear Tamal,

    Sorry for delay in reply, due to personal engagements as well hectic schedules..Anyway, let me clarify the part of silence, there is nothing related to market.

    I would like to tell u or followers like you that I have undergone such market conditions several times in last couple of decades and its nothing new to me, I have not dropped any of my positions till this moment and most of the scrips are well green even at this point. so relax, time is ours...

  8. Great Shabu, thanks for your acknowledgement




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